YORK MS. No. I.” (D)

About A.D., 1600.


An Anagraime upon the name of Masonrie
William Kay to his friend Robt Preston
vpon his Artt of Masonrie as followeth.

Much might be said of the noble Artt
A Crafts thats worth estieming in eich part
Sundry Nations Noobles & their Kings also
Oh how they sought its worth to know
Nimrod & Solomon the wisest of all men
Reason saw to love this Science then
Ile say noe more lest by my shallow verses I
Endeavouring to praise should blemish Masonrie.



THE might of the Father of heaven with wisedome of ye blessed Sonne through ye grace of God & goodnesse of ye holy ghost yt be three psons in one godhead be with vs at our beginning & give vs grace soe to governe vs here in this life yt we may come to his blessing yt nevr shall have ending: And good brethren & fellows our purpose is to tell yu how and in what manner this worty Science of Masonrie was begun & afterward how it was found by worty Kings & Princes & by many other Worshipfull men, And also to them yt be here we will declare ye charges yt belonge to every Free Mason to keep sure in good faith. And therefore take good heed hereto it is well worthy to be kept well for yt ye Science is ancient for there be vij liberall Sciences of ye wch it is one & ye names of ye seven Sciences be these. first Grammer wch teacheth a man to speak truly & write truly. And ye second is Rhetoricke & teacheth a man to speak faire plaine in subtile termes & ye third is Dielectick or Lodgick yt teacheth a man to discern truth from falshood. And ye fourth is Arithmetick & that teacheth a man to reckon & to accompt all mannr of numbs. And ye fifth is called Geomatrie & teacheth all measure of grounds of all other things of ye wch Science is grounded Masonrie: & ye fifth Science is called Musicke & yt teacheth a man ye Science of Song & violl of tongue & organ harp trumpett. And ye seventh Science is called Astronomie & yt teacheth a man to know ye course of ye Sonne Moone & Starrs.