by  Mauro Donato

April 1, 2012

Liberal Freemason -  Praça da Sé - São Paulo
Liberal Freemason – Praça da Sé – São Paulo

A strong presence in all acts ‘against the corruption’ driven by right-wing activists and in rallies in favor of the impeachment of the President, Freemasons usually go unnoticed.

Discrete and quiet, not vociferating ‘out with PT’, ‘out with Dilma,’ ‘jail for Lula,’ or ‘go to Cuba’ in chorus with the throng. But they are there, always. They were even in the sad repeat of the March of the Family with God for Freedom of 2014.

Interestingly, yesterday, March 31st, 52nd anniversary of the military coup of 1964, there were Freemasons in the same Cathedral Square, where the first March of the Family took place in opposition to the government of João Goulart, against what they feared to be the ‘deployment of a communist regime in Brazil’ and in favor of the military coup (which occurred two weeks later).

It was a small group, no more than five people, but the banner they carried drew the attention: “Masons in defense of democracy.” It looked like a catch. What were they doing there?

Lauro Fabiano, systems analyst and member of Lodge ‘Fernando Pessoa’ of São Paulo (lodge is how they call the Masonic meeting place, a term derived from the Latin that has nothing to do with trade), clarified to DCM:

“We are here showing that despite most Brazilian Freemasons are conservative, we have many leftist Masons. With progressive thinking, socialist, communist, several currents to the left. We are positioning ourselves against this coup intended against a legitimately elected government. “

Leftist freemasons?

“We have Masons in the different parties, PT, PcdoB, PCB, PCO. We are masons who try to rescue the freemasonry of French origin, which supports social movements. And we are not few. “

How many?

“The percentage is low; we began recently on the Internet. But we have, already, a group of approximately 150 members throughout Brazil. Regarding the total number of Freemasons in Brazil today, which should be about 300,000, it is a low percentage. Now, there are also many depoliticized members, who follow the majority, and that may be interesting. “

But there is no resistance or censorship by Freemasonry? Can you discuss it openly?

“No. The discussion takes place over the Internet, in the virtual world. Because personally the dialogue is not easy, the first reaction is to say “ah, you are a communist”, so, we hardly arrive at the political level of discussion. And at the lodges, it is even more complicated to discuss because, as the Brazilian Freemasonry descends from the English Freemasonry, the English put a rule banning the discussion of politics in the lodges. “

As we can see, the longer the fight lasts, there is a greater probability of some sectors to the right, mainly those in uninform beginning to wake up to what is happening. The staunch support of the artistic community shown yesterday was equally important. Seeing actors from Globo TV repeating “There will be no coup!” even that aunt of yours, watching soap operas may rethink. Or at least stop and think.

Finding members of Freemasonry at Cathedral Square makes us realize that not everything is lost.

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